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Does Your Hard Surface Cleaner Leave a Film?

A Little Cleaner Goes a Long Way

The number one reason for foggy and filmy looking floors after cleaning is TOO MUCH CLEANER in the mixture!

This is a case where a little truly does go a long way. Make sure you follow the instructions when mixing your cleaner into the water.

Vacuum Dust Before Mopping

If your floors are extra dusty / dirty after a family party or event of that nature, it may require a second cleaning, as all the dirt may not have come up with the initial cleaning. This may be another common cause for seeing a “film” on the floor.

Eliminate Build Up

Most wax / soap based cleaners will leave some form of residue or film on the hard surface. The most common way to eliminate the buildup of this film is to use a simple solution of water and vinegar:  two parts water to one part vinegar. However, since vinegar is slightly acidic it can, with long-term use, cause premature or accelerated wear to the finish of your hard surface. Use sparingly!!!

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