Hiring professional, certified flooring installers

Buying floor covering is different than buying other interior decorating items such as sofas, lamps or tables. Why? Because when you buy a sofa, you simply bring it home and set it in your living room – you don’t “install” the sofa. Floor covering must be installed:  it’s literally “manufactured” at your home. So, when you buy floor covering, you’re really buying two things:  the floor covering itself and the installation.

Unfortunately, unethical dealers try to save money by hiring “cheap” labor to do their installations. Here’s how it works: They offer super low prices or ridiculously discounted “specials” to lure people into their store. Well, all their overhead remains the same: rent, utilities and their cost for the floor covering. NONE of these costs can be reduced. So how do they “pay” for super-discounted price offers? They don’t. Instead, they make YOU pay installers. And the worst part is, you don’t even realize it until the installers show up at your door.

Some common problems encountered with unqualified, untrained installers:

  • They show up late or not at all (lack of professionalism).
  • They are not trained in good customer service. Many times, they are rude or simply don’t communicate well with the homeowner.
  • Since they are underpaid, they must rush through your job and hurry on to the next, so they can complete as many jobs as possible to make it up in volume.
  • Damaged floor covering
  • Damage to your home
  • Using cheaper quality supplies
  • Taking shortcuts to get the job done more quickly

Another big problem is high turnover. Since these “discount,” “Bargain Corral,” or “Mega-Depot” dealers can’t afford to pay a fair salary, installers are constantly quitting. In the desperate rush to find new installers (who will agree to work for “peanuts”), things like training, customer service and criminal background checks don’t get done properly. This is bad news for you, the consumer.

At Creative Carpet & Flooring, we only use trained, professional, highly paid (by industry standards) and qualified installers, some who have been with us 18+ years.

Creative Carpet & Flooring Installer Professionalism Guarantee

Carpet & Flooring installers are neat, clean, well-groomed, well-spoken and certified professionals. They have graduated from the Certified Floor-covering Installers Association. They are guests in your home, and they conduct themselves as such. They respect your home by using shoe covers when necessary. You’ll receive the highest quality installation in the business. And after they’re finished, they will leave your home as neat and clean as when they arrived! They will even vacuum or sweep!

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