How long should my carpet lastAllow us to answer that question with another question… How long do you want your carpet to last?

A properly trained flooring specialist should ask the proper questions regarding lifestyle, children, pets, etc. Once the right information is collected we can then select a carpet that would meet, or exceed, the expectation. The expectation is always based on the situation. Someone who is intending to sell their house in less than 5 years does not need to invest in something that will last 30 years. Of course, times have changed, and the flooring industry has become more of a fashion business than years passed. Most carpets geared towards ultimate durability will most likely “fashion out” before they “wear out.” We would say on average the properly selected carpet with proper maintenance should last about 12-15 years before the need to replace it comes in to question. You can buy carpets that will last longer, however, this is where they might “fashion out.”