Where did the stain came from? Was it from a natural source? For example, pumpkin guts and things like blood, vomit, urine and wine are all-natural substances. Something like Halloween makeup or the die from a candy ring pop is not. The answer to this question will tell you what you need to do to remove it from your carpet.

  • Spots from a natural source - First, you will need a spray bottle. You will want to mix 3 ounces of peroxide with 1 ounce of clear ammonia. No Water! Spray it on the spot and cover with a dinner plate or coffee saucer. Leave it alone for 24 hours and the spot should be gone. If it is still visible and needs another treatment, repeat the process.
  • Spots that are not from a natural source - Creative Carpet & Flooring recommends our own soap-free spotter available for purchase. If the spot is still wet, blot with a cotton towel first. If it is dry, apply our soap-free spotter. Agitate gently with your finger and wait about 1 minute; then, blot with a cotton towel, and the spot should absorb into the towel.

Happy Halloween from everyone at Creative Carpet & Flooring!!!