What is a good carpet choice if you have pets?

Considering National Dog Day today, here is a quick little blurb about carpet and dogs. If you have pets, patterned carpet may be your best choice because the pattern helps hide spills and stains. Some colors hide pet hair, too! A dark patterned carpet would hide dander, but not so much the hair if it is a light colored animal. On the other hand, a light colored carpet will show stains more but will hide pet hair. Your best bet is to match your pet's hair to the carpet color if you can.

Pictured is Cody Bouquet and Alexis Giganti of Creative Carpet & Flooring. Both dogs came to us from Cache Creek Animal Rescue in New Lenox during our Sit, Stay & Save pet adoption event last July. Jet had Cody's heart the moment he walked into the showroom. They have been the best of friends ever since! Gizmo charmed Alexis when we went back to drop off some more donations after the event. We had a fun time and hope to do this again, soon!!! #NationalDogDay

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