Why Wool Carpeting?

Natural wool carpeting is becoming more popular as consumers are looking toward a more natural, chemical-free lifestyle. It can be expensive, but it’s most likely the best flooring choice for homeowners who like the look or feel of carpeting but still want to use natural or organic materials. Here are 9 reasons why wool carpeting would be a good choice:

  • No synthetic dyes. Wool is usually dyed with natural pigments. For that reason, this is important for people with allergies or chemical sensitivities.
  • Offers amazing insulating properties. Anyone who has worn a wool sweater can attest to how well it insulates. Wool carpet is the best choice to avoid cold floors in the winter! Therefore, it is ideal for rooms situated over cold garages or basements.
  • Naturally fire-resistant. Its flame-retardant properties are well known. As a result, some choose wool for their bedding or their children’s bedding.
  • Stain-resistant. There is no need to spray stain-resistant chemicals on wool carpet. Due to its natural stain resistance, it is an additional benefit for those with allergies or chemical sensitivities.
  • Offers extremely durability. The fibers have a natural spring-like shape, like curly hair - which it is! Hence, this provides a great deal of “bounce back” from daily wear. Its long-term durability helps to offset its initial cost.
  • Naturally water-resistant. If you have ever spilled water on a wool rug, you’ve seen how it beads. The water sits on top of the fibers for a while, giving you ample time to get a rag or paper towel. Another thing about its resistance to moisture is its “wick effect.” While it resists water, when it does absorb moisture it does so within the fibers themselves. Thus, it often does not feel damp to the touch when it does get wet.
  • Comes in endless design options. There are quite a few colors and patterns to choose from, not just white or off-white like many think.
  • Renewable resource. Wool is sheared off of the sheep every summer, growing back in time to keep the sheep warm for the winter. Carpet made from synthetic fibers often contains petroleum products, and petroleum is a non-renewable resource. Wool, on the other hand, renews itself quite rapidly!
  • Comfort. It's soft, comfortable and supports weight very well. As noted above, it springs back well from foot traffic. It’s an excellent choice for people with pain or stiffness in their weight-bearing joints.

Wool carpet comes in endless design options. Come see for yourself all the colors and patterns there are to choose from at Creative Carpet & Flooring!

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