Fiber is important to any balanced diet

Carpet fiber is perhaps one of the biggest factors regarding the life and performance of carpet. Expectations of newly installed carpet are largely dependent on the molecular structure of the fiber. Of all the fibers nylon and polyester are the two biggest heavyweights in the carpet world. Although nylon’s supreme durability and proven performance should make it a clear front runner there are multiple factors that contribute to a consumer’s decision. Polyester is the right choice sometimes when perhaps a high-end nylon is not needed. 

I once had a boxer named Shiner that didn’t really care if the carpet was nylon or polyester because she was going to eat them both. Investing in a carpet designed to last 15 to 20 years when you have a dog that won’t let anything last 15 to 20 minutes is not a beneficial use of anyone’s money. Although this is an extreme example, each household is different and will require different solutions. Stains, soiling, durability, color, construction and overall cost need to be considered before each purchase. With lots of options, doing your homework and asking the right questions is key.

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