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Carpet 101 - Creative Carpet & Flooring

You know that old saying ignorance is bliss? It’s not true unless you’re thinking about the government. Being educated on a subject will usually allow you to make better decisions and ultimately make you more comfortable with any decisions you make with that knowledge.

A common request we often get here at the showroom is for us to show a “good carpet.” Our response to that question will forever be “good at what?” Let’s face it, we live in America, and in America we like choices, but choices to the uneducated can feel daunting or overwhelming. Some carpets are very good at withstanding foot traffic; others are very good at being soft, while others are good for stains and some are really good at being cheap and not much else.

At Creative Carpet we will assist you in a way you can make an educated decision to make sure you get the floor with expected results. Swing on in and we will educate, it’s what we do.

Making sure you are able to make an educated decision is very important to us. Stop into one of our showrooms and put one of our knowledgeably flooring consultants to the test!

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