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OPEN New Year's Eve!

We're open Saturday, December 31st, 2016 on New Year's Eve from 10am to 4pm.  Last day to cash in on 2016 prices and sales!!!… Read More

What are carpet tiles? Why are they cheaper?

Carpet tiles are sections of broadloom carpet cut into squares or rectangles. The tiles are backed with a rigid vinyl (or equivalent) type of backing. They are primarily used in the commercial world, as they have one dominate advantage of being able to be replaced quite easily by anybody. Read More

What is the best floor for my allergies?

There’s a popular myth that carpet makes asthma and allergy symptoms worse; however, the opposite is true. Research has shown that carpet acts as an air filter, trapping allergens so they can’t circulate in the air. In fact, in one study where carpet use was reduced by… Read More

How long should my carpet last?

Allow us to answer that question with another question… How long do you want your carpet to last? A properly trained flooring specialist should ask the proper questions regarding lifestyle, children, pets, etc. Once the right information is collected we can then select a carpet that would meet, or… Read More

Natural Pumpkin Guts or Halloween Make-Up Dye on Your Carpet?

Where did the stain came from? Was it from a natural source? For example, pumpkin guts and things like blood, vomit, urine and wine are all-natural substances. Something like Halloween makeup or the die from a candy ring pop is not. The answer to this question will tell you what… Read More

The Tinley Park Fall Home Improvement & Remodeling Expo 2016

Family fun with live entertainment, food, activities, free drawings, promotions, balloons, giveaways, prizes, special events, fun stuff for the kids and more! You’ll see hundreds of exhibits and top professional representatives. Some the best known, quality local and national architects, builders, and manufacturers companies will be there. Everything is covered… Read More

Which wood floor species is right for me?

There really isn't such a thing, as it all boils down to preference. Price can be a factor as well. There is no right or wrong species for anyone. If you prefer changing colors every 10 years, oak makes a great species. Oak is very easy to refinish. Read More

What is a good carpet choice if you have pets?

Considering National Dog Day today, here is a quick little blurb about carpet and dogs. If you have pets, patterned carpet may be your best choice because the pattern helps hide spills and stains. Some colors hide pet hair, too! A dark patterned carpet would hide dander, but not… Read More

Welcome to “Big Box Store”, how may I help you?...

We are here 100% to help you navigate through the sea of selections to find what fits best for you. “Hello and welcome to the big box store. May I assist you in explaining the differences between these products?” is not typically a phrase that you will hear when… Read More

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